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Chaithanya Agricultural Nursery
Agricultural Nursery:
Seeds, saplings and different plants are sold at reasonable prices. Flowering and other ornamental plants are available besides Ayurvedic plants.
Garden Designing:
There are professional workers whose service may be availed t design home gardens. Community shop Daily living utilities made in an eco- friendly manner by rural women are sold at reasonable prices in the community shop at Chaithanya
Other facilities:
Chaithanya has a well maintained garden and visitors come here to take photos; newly married couples take wedding cassette clippings here. There are animals like monkeys, rabbits, pigs, birds, reptiles, fishes etc. which add to the interest of visitors. Some of these like rabbits, fishes etc. are also available for sale.
Chaithanya Agricultural Nursery Branches :
Two agricultural nurseries, one at Thadiyampad in the High Range and one at Cherpunkal (started recently) function as branches of the Chaithanya nursery.
Annual Agricultural Festival :

An annual agricultural festival is celebrated in the month of November, along the grand festival of the self help groups of KSSS.

Its address is:
Chaithanya Kaarshika Nursery
Phone: 9495558704

Features of the Chaithanya Nursery:
Vermin-compost production unit and training Model Rain water Harvesting Tank Trainings for Organic farming Guaranteed seeds and plants Trainings for Budding, grafting and layering Fish rearing and sale Motivation for Income Generation Programmes Demonstration of Ferro cement technology Promotion of innovative water, soil and organic conservation measures Models for alternative living practices Supply of daily-living utilities at reasonable prices In order to restore the fertility of the soil and rehabilitate the agricultural sector, high quality seeds and organic manures are essential. The Chaithanya Agricultural nursery at Thadiyampad functions for this cause and hence provides quality seeds and organic manures.
Chaithanya Matrimony
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