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Responsive-imageArch diocese of Kottayam has exhibited remarkable contribution at the time of various floods and droughts in different parts of Kerala. Though the affected areas are not come under Kottayam diocese, we found it as a part of our social apostolate to mitigate the sufferings of the victims and bring them under the process of long term rehabilitation measures.

On hearing about the Tsunami attack Kottayam diocese immediately rushed to the affected areas with men and relief materials like food and cloths. All the rehabilitation work are done through Kottayam social service society. KSSS constructed 38 Permanent houses in three plots in Adinad, Kulashekarapuram and Ayinivelikulam villages of Kollam district.Each of this plots are known as "CHAITHANYAGRAMAM".Responsive-image The houses were constructed as per the design and estimate of the government. All houses are concrete buildings with a sit out, living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and toilet. The total area of the house is 430 square feet. The plot was divided into sub plots and there is a common road having entrance to all the plots. Each house has a boundary wall. One of the main features of these houses is the installment of Smokeless Chula. The smokeless Chula is cost effective, and eco-friendly. We also arranged the facilities for the water supply and electrification of houses. Chaythanya Gramam The Tsunami had left the victims bereaved, which is one of the most difficult, painful, experiences. Psychological care was mission of KSSS during its work for the Tsunami victims. In order to enable the victims for achieving a normal life psychological support was given to victims. The intervention includes home visits, individuals counseling, group therapy, organizational games etc.

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