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Knanaya Catholic Diaspora
Do you live outside the boundary of the Diocese of Kottayam? If so, you may now enter and view the details of your family and of others you know. This directory of Knanaya Diaspora would help to know each other better. Please go to the following link to sign in and enter or view the data.
Diaspora is a term used by Jews to refer to Jewish communities outside Israel. In the diocese of Kottayam, Knanaya Diaspora means those Knanaya Catholics who live outside the boundary of the diocese. Besides those who belong to the Diocese of Kottayam, all Knanaya Catholics living all over the world consider the Bishop of Kottayam as the supreme head of their community. That contributes to the unity of the community. The Knanaites in Diaspora keep in touch with their community in Kerala and support all good causes of the community.
All Jewish communities outside Israel. Diaspora (Greek: "dispersion") also carries historical and religious connotations, since Jews have a special relationship to Israel. Most Orthodox Jews hope for the return of Jews to Israel. Reform Judaism holds that dispersal of the Jews was intended by God to foster monotheism; however, support for a national Jewish state was notably greater after the Holocaust. The first Diaspora was the Babylonian Exile of 586 BC. The largest Diaspora flourished in Alexandria, where, in the 1st cent. BC, Jews represented 40% of the population. Diaspora Jews far outnumbered Jews in Palestine even before Jerusalem was destroyed in AD 70. Today, of the estimated 14 million Jews worldwide, some 4 million live in Israel, 4.5 million in the U.S., and 2.2 million in Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union.-The Britannica Concise
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